Building & Expanding: Construction at Liberty

Construction is progressing at Liberty where a two-phase plan for the renovation is underway.

Phase 1 includes residential and community spaces while Phase 2 expands to include more commercial space. Throughout construction, Liberty’s unique historic features will be preserved and reimagined.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of each phase and what community members new and old can expect:

Phase 1: Building – currently underway

    • 165 multi-family historic apartments (now available
      for lease; see below)
    • 83 new townhomes
    • 24 new single-family homes
    • Civic and community spaces including a clubhouse, swimming pool, and fitness center
    • Unique retail and commercial space to be adapted from the historic
      chapel and the powerhouse

Apartments at Liberty are Under Construction

Construction at Liberty

Phase 2: Expanding – starting in 2018

    • 110,000 square feet of commercial and retail space
    • 60,000 square feet of new construction
    • 50,000 square feet of historic restoration
    • 80 new homes
    • 74 new townhomes
    • 6 historic condominiums

Progress at Liberty is ongoing, but Phase 1 apartments are available for lease now! Check out the Liberty website for more details about living at Liberty.

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