Top Five Things to Do at Giles Run Meadow Park

When you live at Liberty, Giles Run Meadow Park is your backyard.

And no matter what you’re interested in, you can always find something to do there! From mountain biking to hiking to disc golf, there’s something for everyone at Giles Run.

Read on to find our top 5 activities that you should look into during your next visit to Lorton.

1) Giles Run Meadow Disc Golf Course

Disc golf putt shot.

If you’re looking for a new hobby, consider exploring the world of disc golf. The goal of disc golf is to complete each hole in as few moves as possible. However, instead of a ball, disc golf uses a Frisbee. Giles Run Meadow Park features a well-maintained 18 hole disc golf course. Go with a group of friends, or tag along with the Northern Virginia Disc Golf Association, which sets up tournaments and regular disc golf events around the area.

2) Mountain Biking

Are you an avid mountain biker or looking for a new challenge? Giles Run Meadow Park features miles of trails of varying difficulty levels. Ride through hills, meadows, and woods in a series of 10 miles of interconnecting bike trails. Mountain bikers of all levels can find a trail to enjoy at Giles Run through Lorton.

3) Hiking the Trails

Giles Run Meadow Park boasts miles of hiking trails as well as prairies and meadows. The park is family friendly, featuring a playground at the entrance of the trailheads. It’s a great place to take children for an afternoon nature walk. If you’ve already conquered all the trails through Lorton, the 40-mile-long Gerry Connolly Cross Country Trail connects to Giles Run Meadow Park and crosses the entirety of Fairfax County.

4) Dog Walking (or spotting!)

With miles of trails, Giles Run Meadow Park is the perfect place to walk and play with your dog. Don’t have one? No worries! You can enjoy the miles of hiking trails without a canine companion. And if you are a dog fan, it’s a great opportunity for dogspotting.

5) Laurel Hill Golf Course

Want to get in a quick 18 but you don’t mean disc golf? You’re in luck! The Laurel Hill Golf Club is located alongside Giles Run Meadow Park. With a nearby location and affordable per-hour rates, the park is great for golf experts or amateurs. Come see for yourself the course that golf critics have called “visually stunning” and “one of a kind.” If you prefer to be a spectator, the golf club is also home to a number of tournaments during the year.

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Featured Photo Credit: @ahousewest, Instagram